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Dee Siren

Model Stats:

  • Birthday: July 11
  • Height: 5'1"
  • Bust: 36DDD
  • Ass Size: 41 inches


Dee Siren (aka Mrs. Siren) is the QUEEN of our Studio. She's the "The HOTWIFE You Wish You Had". A curvy, blonde, MILF known for her BIG ROUND ASS, BIG TITS, and BIG PUSSY. Standing at only 5'1" she's a shorty with a soft hourglass figure. 40D-34-46 (as of Jan 1, 2019).

She's a REAL HOTWIFE (slutwife, housewife, whatever you like to call it) that truly loves fucking other men and women in front of her husband (Wayne Siren). Her pussy is amazing! Stretching WIDE but then squeezes your dick so tight.

Squirting is something she can't help but do. Gagging, anal, licking her clit, or fucking her all make me squirt uncontrollably.

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