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Nikki Lyttle

Model Stats:

  • Birthday: June 21
  • Height: 5'3"
  • Bust: 34C
  • Ass Size: 35 inches


This blonde bombshell is the perfect mix of lascivious and innocent with her big, blue eyes and dramatic hourglass curves! She’s an insatiable, lustful goddess whose tastes and talents include seducing, sucking, and fucking multiple partners, multiple orgasms, and multiple creampies (which are her favorite)!

This bi-sexual hotwife loves to please almost as much as her hubby (@PounderMoanyum) loves to show her off! She thrives in the spotlight and commands the erotic attention of all who cross paths with her. A master of carnal conduct, her amorous artistry brings all in her thrall to the edge, apex, and climax again and again and AGAIN!

As a passionate performer and patron of the adult industry, she loves to collaborate with fellow industry artists and contribute to their creative vision. She always brings a Lyttle magic to the scene!

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