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Alysha Morgan

Model Stats:

  • Birthday: February 15
  • Height: 5'6"
  • Bust: 36DDD
  • Ass Size: 36


Naughty Alysha is THE HOTWIFE that helped Dee Siren become who she is. We met her and her husband Adam back in 2009. After seeing a photo I posted of Dee with a HUGE curling iron (it was off of course) shoved in her pussy they invited us to Tampa.

"My Huge Holes 15" with Alysha was Dee Siren's first DVD cover. They became instant best friends that weekend.

As you'll see, they LOVE SHARING LOTS OF DICKS together! They enjoy fisting each other and playing with their huge toys when they don't get enough.

Featuring Alysha Morgan