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My New Orgonatoy

Description: OMG! I was super exited to get these new custom made toys directly from Organotoys. I had been waiting for awhile in anticipation for them and I couldn’t be more pleased. I could not wait to play with these beauties once I opened them so I climbed right up on the cabinet and did my thing. The one with my name is super fun it’s like a corkscrew for your throat and your pussy...mmmm!! If you like a nice stretched out pussy then the real silver dildo does the perfect job. He stretched me out till I came super hard. I saved the best for last which looks the smallest but he’s definitely deadly. The Cobra is a deceiving little guy that wouldn’t fit at first but felt amazing after my pussy was nice and stretched. Thank you Organotoys for the amazing, new friends for me to play with. I simply love them.

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