Studio home for Siren XXX Studios. Located and filmed in Houston, Texas

Early Arrival

Description: Dee's straightening up the house. Making sure everything looks perfect. Her and Wayne have an old friend coming into town in a few days. Someone she always likes to impress.

"Knock, Knock, Knock"

Dee's not expecting company. Jovan's not going to be there for a few more days. Opening the door, wouldn't you know it, he's early. 

After reminiscing and a few drinks Dee is wondering what's taking Wayne so long. Texting him letting him know Jovan is there. He texted back, "working is keeping him late." That she should show our guest a "good time".

Slipping on sexy lingerie Dee invites Jovan upstairs. 

The next morning Wayne hears all the nasty details while he's masturbating with Dee. Guess who was laying in the wet spot?