Studio home for Siren XXX Studios. Located and filmed in Houston, Texas

Double Vaginal Creampie

Description: Hubby LOVES to surprise me with BIG DICKS. I show up to the studio expecting to get some work done and who do I see? One of my FAVORITE BOYTOYS Derrick Tallwood. Before you know it we're MAKING OUT and moving our way to the BEDROOM. Hubby follows, STROKING HIS DICK watching us before he joins in the fun. These men SHOVE their HARD COCKS in my MOUTH and PUSSY at the SAME TIME. Feeling so good when they are DVP'ing me that HUBBY CUMS all over Derricks DICK in MY PUSSY. Derrick kept going, pushing HUBBY'S CUM deeper in me before he unloads his LOAD OF JIZZ in MY MARRIED PUSSY too!